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FoodTrack is the global leader in providing 24/7 preemptive reporting and manned incident surveillance on product recalls, outbreaks, tampering incidents, food defense threats and similar crises that threaten the integrity of your products, the safety of consumers, and the value of your corporate reputation.

A strategic partner exclusively to the food industry at large, including Regional & Multinational Companies, Trade Associations, the U.S. Military and Federal Regulators, FoodTrack delivers real-time, mission-critical reporting on adverse events before single incidents become consumer or corporate catastrophes.

How Clients Use FoodTrack Intelligence Advisories

  • Facilitates proactive means to manage day-to-day food safety, defense and supplier issues.
  • Instant notification to remove products and/or recalled ingredients from process/distribution quickly.
  • Enables the ability to position purchasing personnel to arrange alternate sources of key products & ingredients, before competitors lock up excess supply.
  • Enables swift corporate response to crisis events, including consumer liability issues.
  • Ability to prepare before consumers, the media and regulators show up looking for the answers.
  • Follow-up for UPC’s and other product identifiers usually omitted from recalling firm press releases, enabling retailers and wholesalers to determine if they have affected product in their system.
  • FoodTrack VoiceCasts (sm) - Emergency Telephone Broadcast Notification System: Limited strictly to extremely urgent incidents or threats, FoodTrack VoiceCasts are provided 24 Hours per Day / 7 Days per Week as an additional notification channel to mitigate risk.
  • Provides increased productivity: Personnel have access to a reliable source on critical food safety issues and can focus on core business matters rather than scouring the Web to find information FoodTrack may have already delivered.
  • Between Departments: FoodTrack can disseminate Incident Alerts to various departments or divisions, enabling corporations to share information and cost.
  • For peace of mind: FoodTrack is like an insurance policy. It may not happen today but when it does,our clients testify, FoodTrack Incident Alerts provide a significant advantage at nominal cost.

Try FoodTrack Risk-Free for 30 Days

Our Trial Program is designed to allow prospective members the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of FoodTrack Intelligence services first-hand. To initiate a no obligation, risk-free, trial simply click on the following link and complete a short Trial Request Form. Yes. Sign me up for a Free Trial.